"TILOS transformed our engineers' attitude toward project scheduling from something extra they never had time for to a tool they "owned" and wouldn't go to a meeting without.”
James Lyon from HDR Inc. in USA

“I appreciate that the TILOS team continuously improves this application and also listens to the client for improvement, so please continue on this level.”
Geert Bijmolt from NACAP in Netherlands

“For linear projects, there is nothing better!”
L.P. Project Manager South Africa

“I have seen several similar programs earlier - but this software is the most flexible and informative I have seen up to now.”
Project Director, Denmark

“I hope we get TILOS, it's great! It is what the project manager wants.”
Project Manager, South Africa

“We were very satisfied with the intense TILOS-training in Karlsruhe, thanks a lot!”
J.A., Planning Engineer, Sweden

“Awesome piece of software with many applications in the job.”
Stuart Shortland, Planner, Parsons Brinkeroff Ltd, UK

“TILOS is one of the best software available to plan and manage linear projects.”
Vamsi Kolliboina, Skanska

“The result was good, the client was very satisfied with the TILOS time schedule and we also got the contract.”
Planning Engineer, Sweden

“For me, TILOS is the ultimate Tool - I can overlook and plan all schedules along a distance much better”
A.L. estimation and planning, Germany