Applications and Industries

TILOS is used in many applications and industries in all five continents. Despite the strong specialization and emphasis on linear scheduling, TILOS succeeds in displaying a wide range of additional applications.

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The unique TILOS layout and view concept - containing common methods from graphic applications – enables planners to display different views of a project on a single page: one document conveys a clear and understandable message of your project at a glance.

The layout allows you to demonstrate both large or minor projects as well as individual extracts of a project.

Combining layer techniques, filters and the simple display of graphs, it is possible to create simple and unique Illustrations of your project - depending on the desired usage.

Project management along the distance axis

TILOS contains common project management methods to design schedules. Over and above this, the special methodology of TILOS enables the scheduling of activities along long distances as follows:

  • Creates activities on or between distance points
  • Provides expanded distance options for links between tasks
  • Avoids clashes along a distance
  • Creates reports, views and graphs along the distance axis