Special functions: bulk creation of tasks

In bridge projects the pile and foundation works are normally created as rectangles showing at which pile the work gets executed. This work is repeated n time for each pile. TILOS supports bulk creation of tasks - each on the defined position.

The deck work can be shown as single rechtangle between 2 piles or line task across many piles. There is a special display mode that allows to segment the rectangle between 2 piles. The duration can be set up on behalf of a distance dependent profile.

The scales show the postion of the pile, their numbers the height and also the span between the piles. These data were imported from an Excel tables into a TILOS profile. Further imported values are the execution time for each pile and also for the deck work.

With this information, the piles works can be just generated at the their position based on the work pattern for each pile: Foundation / Pile work and Girder.

Höckler Bridge

The Höckler bridge in Switzerland was one of the bridges where TILOS was used in combination with Primavera to show the work not only as a Gantt chart, but also as a time distance diagram:

The drawing was imported from the CAD system as a WMF file. To connect the curved bridge with the straight distance axis, connector lines have been inserted between.

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