Acumen Risk Assessment Workshop

Acumen's risk assessment workshops have one primary purpose: to provide you as the project owner or contractor with an unprecedented insight into project risk exposure and more importantly, provide a tangible and cost effective means of reducing it.

Adopting a unique combination of workshop facilitation and advanced analytics, Acumen's risk assessment workshops have successfully been utilized on over fifty recent CAPEX projects.  By providing a pro-active solution to both cost and schedule risk mitigation, our industry proven five-step (S1 > S5) approach overcomes common workshop challenges such as team buy-in, biased perceptions of risk and lack of modeling expertise.  Our risk assessment process focuses on how best to reduce risk exposure, increase confidence levels, accelerate schedule and reduce cost overruns.

Risk Assessment Workshop Benefits:

  • Validated and risk adjusted schedule
  • Actionable risk response plan
  • Validation of assigned contingency
  • Schedule acceleration of up to 20%
  • 50% increased project confidence
  • Executive insight into true risk exposure

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