Specialized Functions for Special Projects

Planning, managing and displaying of infrastructure projects along a distance is a very special job. We have prepared  TILOS exactly for the needs of linear projects. The key is to combine Project Management features with the needs for Linear projects and a powerful grafical appearance.

Linear Scheduling vs. Barcharting

Network diagrams or bar charts haven't got any graphical connections  to the project . Linear Schedules have got one further dimension - the distance axis - and shows all activities linked to their geographical position: This is essential for linear projects.

LSM schedules are easier to understand:

  • They show a direct connection to the layout of the site, pointing out what is build at which place. Overleaping activities (clashes) can be detected easily.
  • They show a clear understanding of the effect of the rate of production (by the slope of the line)
  • They show the effect of contract and other constraints in both time and location.
  • They show the philosophy of the project to management and the client in a clear and immediate fashion.

Comprehensive Projectmanagement Capabilities

TILOS provides all common Projectmanagement-Features in the Time-Location-Diagram:

  • on-screen planning and task lists
  • activity links and constraints
  • calculating activities (duration, quantity and work rate)
  • CPM Reschedule
  • displaying as Time-Location-Diagram
  • displaying as Barchart
  • import and export
  • costs and resource assignment and reporting
  • structured planning (summaries, hammocks, ....)
  • reporting and filtering
  • Progress and Variance analysis

Powerful display of the project

With TILOS you describe your project in a grafical way and you decide by yourself how to display:

  • Capable drawing tools ease the creation of the location sketch by grid supported placemant of the symbols on their real location coordinates.
  • a large library of symbols reduces the effort for creating the drawing.
  • an existing grafic can be imported and gets synchonized with the distance scale.

TILOS possess various possibilities, to fit the chart display to your wishes and the requirement of the project:

  • symbols and grafics
  • scales and grids
  • location related diagrams
  • speed profiles
  • mass calculaton and display

Various graphical layout possibilities

Although the various detailed displaying possibilities you are free in arranging the charts, sectors, location or distance related grafics, histograms and reports. So you are able to create unique plans. They are geared to the requirements of the target group meet the demands of the project.

Tilos comes with many features known from graphical tools or CAD:

  • Graphical creation and editing of objects
  • Layout models (views)
  • Layer techniques (transparencies)
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)