Design phase / Feasibility

TILOS allows for fast and straight planning by drawing the schedule directly on the screen. This way amendments can be examined immediately by making 'natural' changes to the graphics.

Whether it's an initial feasibility study prior to the project start or the creation of alternative scenarios during the execution stage, TILOS is an efficient tool that can shortcut longwinded and extensive processes.

Tender and Contracting phase

TILOS demonstrates that your bid has been well prepared. This allows you to document your know how and show you are in a capable position to complete the project successfully within the desired timeframe. Pitfalls and conflicting processes along the right-of-way (ROW) can be detected in the early planning phase: Forewarned is forearmed.

Execution of construction

TILOS lets you to create detailed plans for different target groups. Cost and resource reports help support the operational planning and execution of your construction site.

Different state of construction, different traffic routes, mass haulage, logistics as well as movement of machinery can be displayed accordingly. The comnplexity of the construction site becomes more visible and controllable.

Documentation: Capture detailed progress of individual tasks thus receiving a current overview. This will give you a clear advantage when negotiating claims.

Disruptions, Objectives and Claim management

Record and analyse disruptions and changes of the planned schedule and display their impact whilst preparing and defending claims.

Utilize the visual strength of TILOS to its full effect during difficult negotiations.