Plan a project naturally by directly drawing it on the screen.

Fully graphical interface for planning time-distance-diagram with full support of the critical path technology, enhanced by location and production constraints.

Provides maximum flexibility in organizing your plan.

Flexible view system allows maximum customization to your specific needs. Place as many sub plans from the same or other projects into the same view to show the overall project or more detailed plans.

Allows integration of data.

Import/Export functions: TILOS allows the import of graphics and synchronization with distance axis as well as activity, links, resource and other site data such as elevation and productivity profiles.

Eliminates planning mistakes.

Clash detection and clash avoidance. Specify the distance between crews to avoid collisions,  but if it  happens TILOS will tell you where.

Realistic planning using construction specifications.

Distance based calculation: TILOS calculates the work parameters based on the distance values. For example, in rail construction a sleeper is installed every 0.667 m. Based on the length of the task TILOS calculates the number of sleepers needed and the number of railcars needed to transport them.

Full control over costs and resources.

Powerful resource calculation: TILOS supports flexible resource calculations based on the task quantity and time parameters to model  the construction process and  driving parameters precisely.

Save time planning by using company templates.

Library: TILOS supports template activities in a library with their display and resource attributes. Drawing a task as a simple  line means: setting the speed of the process, calculating the work parameters, the resource assignments and their cost in the background with little extra effort.

Highlights changes in order to prepare claims.

Baselining allows the comparison of the planned versus actual schedule to identify and highlight any differences.

High quality output of your professional plans.

High quality output: TILOS  produces high quality drawings in any size, similar to CAD systems.

Quick return on investment and consistent savings on new projects.

Saves time and money. A client study has shown, that even on the first project, the planning time was reduced by 50% from 40 to 20 hours.