Quick to success: Software is just the first step

You invest in software to be able to perform your work much faster and better. In the case of TILOS, this means that:

  • you create your plans faster than by hand or with CAD
  • you just don't make a drawing but use the system to interactively plan the project, look at different scenarios and compare their results as calculated by the system. You obtain an optimized project course and save time and money while performing it.
  • you prove your competence with professionally prepared plans.

You can find your way of going about it on your own. However, practice proves that, taking into account all the costs of  a computer system's implementation, an accompanying training makes the whole process smoother and more efficient.

The second step is even more important

.... and leads you to success.

We support you in the process with our professional know-how and experience gathered from hundreds of trainings and implementation projects of our software. We can also offer you individually customized support package:

Introductory training

You learn the software and its functions in a structured way, instead of working through individual features with the trial and error method. By the end of the 2-step training you will have mastered all the operations involved in planning with Tilos.

Master data and implementation concepts

The better  structured your master data, the faster the planning goes. We analyse your project and the existing plans and provide you with a concept your collaborators will be able to grasp immediately.

This starts with setting up the outlines in varying formats, with customized company stamps, and goes as far as complete calculated activities with all the work rate and cost data. With a few brief strokes, the whole process is complete.

In this way, you can save the time and money not just once but with every subsequent planning. For those who work with the system only occasionally, the template-based introduction guide can considerably simplify their come back.

Project planning

It must be quick and you need your first plan with different construction states immediately, with strict stoppage and hindrance times. No problem. Contact us, and we will send you overnight up to 10 colour printouts.   As a result, you will obtain not only a completely planned project but also the plan files, so that you can update them and use as templates for future projects.


We also organize company seminars focused on addressing inquiries and sharing experience with  long-time experts at planning track building projects.

Here, the use of software comes second to the development of plans based on the specified boundary conditions:

  • the geometry
  • available time
  • existing personal and device capacities

Contact us.